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Pitch Sheet


Resourceful, likeable, fast-talking and relentlessly organized. She is the newest assistant to the CEO. Maybe if she dropped the optimism and that annoying pep in her step, her new boss would take her more seriously, but at the moment, he thinks she’s a joke. She didn’t go to the fanciest of universities, and while that clearly bothers her boss, she takes pride in her past. She knows it just means she had to work that much harder to get here, and she isn’t going anywhere, no matter how hard he tries to knock her down. Oh, and did I mention she has a secret Adderall addiction she’s hiding?

Think Alison Brie in Community.


Emotionally intelligent, grounded, old for age but rough around the edges.  Maggie is the youngest mom of her kid’s class. While her life hasn’t always been easy, she is raising her son to be better than the men she has known. Single, gay and wearing yoga pants from Target, Maggie clearly is not held in high regard by the rest of the perfect PTA moms. Though she does her best to make life go smoothly for her son, she isn’t willing to compromise what she believes in to earn the approval of the small town she has landed them in. When her unwillingness to bend to the societal rules backfires on her son, Maggie must decide what’s most important to her.

Think Shailene Woodley in Big Little Lies.


Loyal, driven and seeking approval, Alice is the daughter of a wealthy and powerful family with firm ties to the Mafia’s illicit activities. Alice is determined to separate herself from her family by attending law school so that she can learn to fight for people who have been hurt by corporate interests like her father’s. At school, she finds herself falling for a man her family would write off as a neer-do-well - but she will follow her heart and her ideals no matter what the pressure.

Think Karla Souza in How to get away with Murder.

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